We've been working on a new look and new functionality for our website for the last couple of months and have been looking forward to being able to go live. We are excited to now welcome you to our new storefront and website - it will offer you some functionality that we've been unable to provide you on our current platform.

We'll have all the same great art, but finding it, filtering it, and viewing it will all be much easier with the new site when it's complete.

As is always the case, we invite anyone who can make it to our physical space at 'The Stockroom' in Port Melbourne to reach out to us to arrange a mutually convenient time to look over any specific paintings you may have been attracted to, or just for a general browse of our goods - we're always happy to show our works off and chat about the artists and their paintings.

Watch this space to find out more about the exciting new features we will continue to introduce including the housewarming discounts we'll be providing to celebrate the new look.

Red Desert Dreamings Aboriginal Art News

One of the new features we're going to be adding to the new website is online exhibits - curated shows that will allow us to introduce you to artworks that are grouped by a theme, colour palette, the relationships of the artists, etc.

This is a manifestation of our ambition to provide more education into the intricacies of Australian Aboriginal Art, the stories of the artists and their paintings, and the culture that underpins and is kept alive by the efforts of these talented artists. We hope to be able to showcase more art to a wider audience, and in doing so raise awareness of the history and culture of the incredible people we've been so fortunate to have built relationships with.


Naata Nungarrayi Red Desert Dreamings Gallery News

We've got something quite special for this season's Collectors Special, a work by Naata Nungarrayi which is an outstyanding example of her work

One lucky buyer can enjoy a 20% discount on this work for the Spring Season.

View this stunning artwork here.


Naata Nungarrayi MARRAPINTI Art News

Naata began painting for Papunya Tula artists in 1996.

Naata‘s depictions include the Marrapinti rock hole site, using a minimal palette of orange and red hues, with white and black to create breath taking depictions of her Dreamings. The combination of subtle variation and precise technique creates an organic quality that makes her dreamings come to life.

In 1999 Naata, Nancy and six fellow Walungurru women worked together to create a major collaborative painting for the Art Gallery of NSW. In 2003 Naata‘s painting was used as a motif on an Australian stamp. Naata often painted with her sister Nancy Ross until her death in 2010.

Her work is represented in major Australian collections such as Artbank and the National Gallery of Victoria, and is highly regarded internationally.


Paddy Fordham Aboriginal Artifacts News
We mentioned in our last newsletter that RED DESERT DREAMINGS doesnt just sell Aboriginal paintings, but also has available Aboriginal artefacts and sculptures, painted works by Non Indigenous artists, and a wonderful selection of Glass art by two of Australia's finest glass artisans.

Last season we put the spotlight on Tina Cooper and Lucas Salton, two of the glass artists who's work we are lucky enough to have available. For spring we decided to highlight the artefacts we have for sale like the Hollow Log above by Paddy Fordham, and the Didgeridoo below painted by Otto Tjungarrayi Sims

We have a variety of artefacts like spirit poles, hollow logs, coolamons, shields, didgeridoos, and much more. Get in touch to find out more.

View our Artefacts here.

Otto Tjungurayi Aboriginal Artefacts

Aireys Inlet Primary School Last year we joined up to help out at Airey's Inlet Primary School Fair, a great event that raises money for the small town school and is a great time as well as a good cause.

This year we're doing the same, donating an artwork as a prize in the raffle, as well as a voucher that will be available in the silent auction.

There will be rides, market stalls, happy laughing kids, and plenty of fun to be had. If you're in the neighborhood on the 4th of November drop in, and if you're not in the neighboorhood - there aren't many better places to visit.

Art Money


Art Money offers a service whereby you may purchase art from us on an installment plan, offering you the flexibility of paying over time, while delivering us the price of purchase immediately - they call it their 'Win Win Business Model'.

This service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US with more countries to come.

If you're looking to buy through Art Money on Sale items, we'll need to discuss it so get in touch with us here.