We are celebrating the new year with a new online exhibit by the superb Tommy Watson.

Tommy Watson is one of our personal favourite artists, and we are very excited to have been able to secure some work from this outstanding artist, and to have enjoyed some of his works on our own walls over the years. We are proud to now share them with you in this exhibit, and make them available for sale.

Utilising a vibrant dotting style, resting heavily on red, orange, yellow, and pink, with splashes of white and blue his work is bold and dramatic, and has garnered him a great deal of attention on both the local Australian stage and the international art community at large.

Click the link below to see his available works.

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New Products, New Featured Artist, New Collectors Special!

We're regularly updating our stock with new artworks

It is our goal to regularly post new works on our website, with weekly changes being made to our stock lists. Keep checking back often to see what new works have been posted by filtering by new in our Artworks section.

We've also changed out our Featured Artist, Featured Artworks, and the Collector's Special (pictured above) which currently has a whopping 35% off the regular price. If you're a Queenie McKenzie fan this is your chance to grab a stunning piece at a great price.

While we’re still working on getting our entire catalogue online, if there is an artist or style that you’re interested in you can always get in touch with us to discuss procurement of your desired pieces. We can either find what you’re looking for in our stock or potentially source pieces for you if we don't currently have it in our collection.

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At Red Desert Dreamings we have an excellent collection of art, predominantly from the Central and Western Desert regions, and including artworks from some of Australia's most important and influential artists.

A favourite part of our work is discussing the artists and their wonderful works. The stories behind the art itself, as well as the industry that sprung up around it is fascinating but sadly not widely known by the general public. We view it as our mission to shine a light on this ancient culture and the ways in which their stories are passed from generation to generation through their artwork.

We would be delighted to be able to show you the works and speak with you in person at our physical space, The Stockroom at 6/200 Turner Street, Port Melbourne. Contact us to make an appointment via the link below or call directly on +61 418 312 068.

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Don't forget you can now negotiate on any artwork through the Make an Offer function that allows you to potentially get a great deal on your chosen artwork. 

There are a few reasons for this change. We view it as an opportunity to connect and open a dialog with you, to provide a more approachable service to you, and to adjust for the increased cost of living. 

Artwork is often seen as a luxury item but has such a positive impact on our daily lives when we can enjoy it, and we at Red Desert Dreamings want to continue to make our products as accessible as possible for you. 

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Art Money allows you to purchase art from us on an installment plan, offering you the flexibility of paying over time, while delivering us the price of purchase immediately - they call it their 'Win Win Business Model'.

 This service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US with more countries to come.

 If you're looking to buy through Art Money on Sale items, we'll need to discuss it so get in touch

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