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It seems we're hurtling through 2023 at an unprecedented rate and we can't believe it's Winter again already.

This season we wanted to let you all know about some changes to the tax system for business investment relating specifically to tax deductions on art for Australian businesses that come into effect at the beginning of July.

All artworks site wide will be reduced by 10% until the 1st of July.

Additionally we've updated the Collector's Special for this quarter and are hightlighing one of our favourite artists Mr. Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula and his deceptively complex art style. As the collectors special this painting will be available for purchase price reduced by 20% for the season (or until sold).

Don't forget about our partnership with Art Money, a service that allows you to purchase art on an installment program much as you might use Afterpay for more regular purchases. It's a system we're proud to be involved with and view it as another mechanism to get art on more walls for people to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy the selected works and artists we're highlighting this winter, should you see any works on our website or social media posts that resonate with you, dont hesitate to get in touch to discuss or make an offer. All reasonable offers will be considered.

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EOFY Discounts & Changes to Tax

It's coming up on that time of year and with the EOFY fast approaching we thought it would be good to remind you all that the current deductions available for businesses will be changing quite dramatically as of July 1st, 2023.

Currently there are no limits on the amount that a business with a turnover of less than $5 Billion can deduct on art whether that art be a painting, sculpture or any other format that meets the definition of being a depreciating asset that is displayed in a business space.

Click this link for more information directly from the ATO.

When the changes come into place the amount that businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 Million will be able to deduct from a depreciating asset will be $20k.

This obviously means that businesses looking to invest in art related assets for their premises have a small window to act with the unrestricted deductions policy, and should take action on that front prior to the end of this month to enjoy the unrestricted deduction range.

Please feel free to contact us should you be in this position. We recommend that you discuss your particular circumstances with your accountant / financial advisor.

We've got something quite special for this season's Collectors Special, a work by Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula which tells more than one story.

One lucky buyer can enjoy a 20% discount on this work for the Winter Season.


Red Desert Dreamings Gallery - Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula


Johnny Warankula is an iconic and important member of the original Western Desert Art Movement at Papunya, where he began painting in the 1970's after a long turn as a labourer in Haasts Bluff, Mt Leibig, Yuendumu and Mt Wedge. He rapidly developed the style now known as over-dotting to disguise the sacred nature of his Dreamings.

Much of the symbology used in Johnny's work is taboo for those uninitiated in certain aspects of his culture, but are nonetheless important features of his artwork. To allow him to include those symbols and information Johnny paints over them so that someone who is initiated sees past the overdotting and can view something quite different to those of us who are not. This lends his work a sense of mysticism and intrigue that is often not to be found in the artworks of many other Aboriginal artists.

His work is imbued with an incredible sense of movement and ceremony that can only be understood through experiencing his paintings in the flesh. Geoffery Bardon the initiator of the acrylic movement fondly recollected that Johnny would paint with intense level of intuitive concentration. The body of work that Johnny has left behind contains some of the finest examples of not just Aboriginal, but Australian abstract painting. His work features in many public and private collections throughout the world.


Aboriginal Art - Glass Art

RED DESERT DREAMINGS doesnt exclusively sell Aboriginal paintings, but also has available Aboriginal artefacts and sculptures, painted works by Non Indigenous artists, and a wonderful selection of Glass art by two of Australia's finest glass artisans.

Glass art is something we find fascinating and mesmeric - it's almost alchemical in its process. You can watch a video here that shows a piece being blown from scratch by Tina Cooper, it's a very interesting way to create art.

Tina Cooper (pictured above) whose work is often done in collaboration with indigenous artists who paint on the incredibly varied glass vessels she creates.

Lucas Salton (below) who can create incredibly complex geometric patterns within glossy clear glass.

Their work is quite different but both are massively talented and we're proud to have their works available. These pieces are not on the website yet (but wil be soon) - so contact us if you'd like more information on either artist or to view the works we have available

Aboriginal Art Red Desert Dreamings