About Us

The Beginnings Of Red Desert Dreamings

Kevin and Jenny Winward had been keen art collectors for over 30 years when, following a chance meeting with a friend on a Gold Coast street some 20 years ago, they were introduced to a painting by Aboriginal artist, Lorna Fencer Napurrula, and their fascination with Aboriginal Art and Culture was ignited.

An inspired phone call was made to their sons, three Aboriginal paintings were purchased and the passion became ‘a family affair’. Red Desert Dreamings Gallery is exactly that – it is founded in the love of art and respect for the unique and wonderful indigenous culture it derives from and artists who create it.

The collection of works on display for sale and corporate rental have been selected by Kevin and his family.

“The fundamental test for us to purchase a work to sell, is whether we would like to have it on our wall at home – this is the key to maintaining quality in the works we hold; whether they be fine collector works, or ‘entry level’ affordable works.”

“We aim to ‘give something back’ to Indigenous Australia through the proceeds of Aboriginal art, and have fostered relationships with a number of organisations that seek to benefit worthwhile causes.”

Red Desert Dreamings Gallery

A favourite part of our work is taking people on a journey of how, when, where, and who started the contemporary Indigenous art movement. The stories behind the art itself as well as the industry that sprung up around it is fascinating but sadly not widely known and we view it as our mission to shine a light on this ancient culture and the ways in which their stories are passed from generation to generation.

We would be delighted to be able to show you the works and speak with you in person at our physical space, The Stockroom at 6/200 Turner Street, Port Melbourne.

Contact us to make an appointment by calling directly on +61 418 312 068.