Red Desert Dreamings

Our Services

We offer a range of services including art sales, corporate rental, consultancy and events.

Art Sales

Aboriginal paintings, indigenous artefacts, glass art and sculpture may be purchased via personal contact with us at the gallery or our Stockroom, or online.

We commission many of our works directly from the artists and can commission specific pieces to suit the particular styles, colour palette and size our clients require – an original piece ‘tailor-made’ for its new owner at no ‘cost premium’.

Red Desert Dreamings owns all of the works available for sale, rather than them being ‘on consignment’ as is often the case. The artists have already been paid for their works, and do not have to wait until they are sold via a gallery to receive payment.

Red Desert Dreamings works directly with artists and the art communities that represent them. All paintings sold by Red Desert Dreamings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, and in many cases with photographs of artists with or actually painting the particular work, and other provenance/authenticity documentation.

Please note: International sales are free of Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Corporate Rental

Corporate Rental is a great, cost-effective way for Companies to beautify their workplaces with quality Aboriginal artworks and instill a creative ambiance that can lead to benefits in terms of Company image and improved staff performance. Artworks (paintings, glass, artefacts and sculpture) can be exchanged regularly to keep the workplace vibrant and fresh.

Consultancy Services

We are pleased to provide free consultancy services to current or prospective clients who would like advice regarding artwork selection for particular locations. We will visit the site, assess your requirements and provide a selection of pieces to be installed in place and considered for purchase or corporate rental.