Red Desert Dreamings Gallery News

Many years ago the Dalai Lama visited our gallery at what is now the Pan Pacific Hotel in the docklands - you may have seen Karl Stefanovic make a pretty infamouos joke related to pizza and 'being one with everything' during that visit. This photo was taken on that day and includes the whole Red Desert Dreamings family. It was a special visit, and we were honoured to host His Holiness on that day.

Since then Kevin has taken on the bulk of the workload as his sons Lukas and Sam built careers and families for themselves. Now the time has come for Red Desert Dreamings to once again become a proper family business.

Lukas and Sam, along with their wives, have joined the team in a more permanent and consistent role, and we're all now looking to evolve and grow the business in a way that allows everybody to take part in the business, and bring our own varied strengths and perspectives to how to make Red Desert Dreamings a more vibrant, modern, and visible online gallery.