Collection: Sarrita King

Date of Birth : 1988
Country : Adelaide, SA
Language : Gurrundji

Sarrita is an exciting young second generation Aboriginal artist who brilliantly fuses the past, present and future of her culture through painting. Her work is vivid, energetic and of the highest quality. At such a young age, Sarrita shows an ability to create incredible art, giving many hope for the future of Australian Aboriginal art. She paints with the same strong sense of self and pride as her late father William King Jungala.

Her work vividly depicts the extremes of weather and landscape that have shaped the lives of her family for thousands of years. She has been in over 20 exhibitions in Australia, is represented by galleries in each state.

Sarrita often collaborates with her older sister Tarisse, to create work of incredible depth and movement, these pieces are highly sought after and visually intriguing. Both girls are making their mark in the international arena.

Sarrita concentrates on the 3 iconic elements of our world that all people can connect with and use to connect with one another, regardless of their race or culture. The Sun, Our Land and Ancestors, these are understood by all mankind and hold a significant importance to everyone.
Sarrita King
  • Our Land Our Land
    Quickshop Sarrita & Tarisse King are second generation artists who brilliantly fuse the...
    Sarrita King & Tarisse King Our Land 340 x 150cm
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  • Sarrita King Aboriginal Artist Australia
    Quickshop Sarrita is an exciting young second generation artist who brilliantly fuses the...
    Sarrita King Our Land 162 x 100cm
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