Collection: Queenie McKenzie

Queenie McKenzie was only active in the Aboriginal art scene for a little over a decade, but in that time she cemented herself as an outstanding and groundbreaking member of not only her local community of Warmun (Turkey Creek), but the Aboriginal art movement as a whole.

Having seen the success attained by the male painters of Warmun she was inspired to begin painting herself, and with the encouragement of Rover Thomas and became the first Warmun woman to begin painting circa 1987. Queenie was also one of the most senior women in Gija women's law and ceremony.

Her work is reminiscent of her friend Rover Thomas, often depicting bold, detailed landscapes of her country.  Other works tell stories relating to mythology as well as real world events - like the Mistake Creek Massacre. 

Created with traditional ochres her work is quite textured and things bring another dimension to her work.

Queenie McKenzie