Collection: Patrick Tjungurrayi

Date of Birth : c.1935
Country : Jupiter Well, WA
Language : Kukatja

Patrick is a senior law man who is responsible for traditional ceremony for the region around Balgo. It wasn‘t until the 1980‘s that he began painting. He is the masterfully creates “shimmer” or optical illusion through his textural, colourful depicitions of his country.

His stories are depictions of sites created by Tingari ancestors at Kallianku, west of Jupiter Well, as they travelled during the dreamtime period. There are also depictions of the Wanawarra (rainbow snake) designs from that region. He is exhibited, collected and admired internationally. Patrick was named as part of art collectors 50 most collectable artists in 2005 and won the inaugural


Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Holmes a’ Court Collection
South Australian Museum, Adelaide


1993 Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
1997 Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
1997 Papunya Tula Artists, Alice Springs
1997 Utopia Art, Sydney
1998, 2000, 2001 Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne
1999 Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin
2000 Subiaco, Western Australia
2000 Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
2001 Palm Beach, Florida, USA
2001 Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2001 Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2001 Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Thornquest Gallery, Gold Coast
2002 Coomalie Cultural Centre, Batchelor
2002 Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art, Tasmania
2002 Fremantle Art Centre, Perth


Western Australia’s Indigenous Art Award
Patrick Tjungurrayi
  • Patrick Tjungurrayi Aboriginal Artist Australia
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