Collection: Paddy Bedford

Date of Birth : c.1922- 2007
Country : Bedford Downs Station, East Kimberley, WA
Language : Gija

Paddy Bedford grew up in Bedford Downs. Paddy combined his stock work with the development of the knowledge of the law and his land. As a senior law man Paddy had been involved with painting in ceremony his whole life. His work combines traditional dreaming and stock-camp stories seemlessly, and is breathtaking for it‘s simplistic stark compositions.

A glorious example of contemporary Aboriginal art. This is reflected by his involvement in important exhibitions at the Ian Potter Gallery at the University of Melbourne, the Art Gallery of NSW, a major retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary art in Sydney and the presences of his work at the national Gallery of Australia. Paddy and several other very important Aboriginal artists were invited to paint a portion of the Musee du Quai Branley in Paris, a beautiful building made more so by its incredible decoration. Sadly, Paddy passed away in 2007.
Paddy Bedford
  • Paddy Bedford Aboriginal Artist
    Quickshop Paddy Bedford grew up in Bedford Downs. Paddy combined his stock work...
    Paddy Bedford Lungun - Devil Spirit 128 x 61cm
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  • Paddy Bedford Aboriginal Artist Red Desert Dreamings Gallery
    Quickshop As a senior Aboriginal law man Paddy Bedford was involved with painting...
    Paddy Bedford Dingo Spring 70 x 60cm
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