Collection: Linda Syddick Napaltjarri

Date of Birth : c.1937
Country : Haasts Bluff, NT
Language : Pintupi

Linda and her family walk out of the desert in the 1940‘s to Haasts Bluff where she was educated by Lutheran Missionaries. In conjuction with with the education she has recieved from original Papunya movement artists Uta Uta Tjungala, Nosepeg Tjapurrula and Shorty Langkata Tjungarrayi, Linda has formed a distinctive unique style that combines her christian and Aboriginal beliefs.

Her dreamings include Tingari dreamings, her fathers Emu story & mother‘s snake story which depict both mythological stories & actual events of traditional life in the desert. One style in particular that Linda is known for painting depicts a windmill, which her family came upon at the time they walk out of the desert, and believed was some kind of monster.
Linda Syddick Napaltjarri