Collection: Jeannie Pitjara

Date of Birth : c.1951
Country : Utopia, NT
Language : Anmatyerre

It is no mistake that Jeannie is a highly talented artist. She received the knowledge of her Dreaming and painting techniques from her famous aunt, Emily Kame Kngwarreye (dec). Gloria, Kathleen and her sister Ada Bird Petyarre (dec. 2010) were also strong influences in her development.

Jeannie’s talent for colour ebbs and flows over the canvas, yellows flow to mauve, then white and gently into red. As a result, her paintings take on a life of their own, adapting to their surrounding environment.

She is a Utopia artist and was encouraged by her famous aunt, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, to paint her family Dreamtime totem’s, Yam Dreaming and Mountain Devil Lizard.

All her Dreamtime stories come from Alhalkere Country and are passed down to her from her father’s side.

Jeannie is married to Henry Long Kemarre and they have 6 children.
Jeannie Pitjara