Collection: Hilary Tjapaltjarri

Date of Birth : unknown
Country : unknown
Language : unknown

Hilary Tjapaltjarri was a stockman born at Mintjilpirri, south west of Kintore in approximately 1941. He first became curious about painting when he saw the Papunya Tula Artists painting in the 1970, however it was not until 1985 that Hilary began his artistic career and began painting regularly for the Papunya Tula Artists.

His work is primarily concerned with Tingari designs associated with sacred sites in his ancestral lands. The striking compositions and colours he uses imbue his work with a characteristic sense of passion for his people and country. In recent years he has donated his work to help provide dialysis services to the Wesert Desert so that his people are able to return to their families and country, and still receive treatment.

Hilary Tjapaltjarri learnt about the Dreamtime stories from his father. The family lived for a time at Haasts Bluff and Hilary lived with Turkey Tolson’s family at Haasts Bluff.

He worked as a stockman for many years, then went to Papunya in the early 70’s where Geoffrey Bardon gave him some boards to paint.

Hilary’s traditional country is south-west of Kintore and his paintings usually depict the Snake Dreaming.
Hilary Tjapaltjarri

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