Collection: Barney Ellaga

Date of Birth : c.1941
Country : Minyerri, Northern Territory
Language : Alawa

Barney is a senior Law-Man within the Alawa Community. While his art has been exhibited in group exhibitions since 1989 it was not until 1999 that he deemed it appropriate for him to promote and exhibit a major body of his work because of his important community and cultural responsibilities. The seniority and importance of his stories are evident in the brilliant, saturated colours and dynamic compositions he creates. Barney‘s paintings are Alawa, every stroke articulates intimate knowledge of his traditional country.

Barney was born around 1939 in the Minyerri region of the Northern Territory. Barney is a senior Aboriginal law-man amongst the Alawa community. Alawa people live on the upper reaches of the Cox and Arnold rivers, south of the Roper River and west of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Barney’s works are about the traditional men’s body paint designs used for ceremonies, and the King Brown (snake) Dreaming, depicting the story of the creation, this story is a very important part of Barneys country and heritage.
Barney Ellaga
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    Quickshop Barney is a senior Law-Man within the Alawa Community. While his art...
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