Collection: Abie Loy Kemarre

Date of Birth : c.1972
Country : Utopia, Northern Territory
Language : Anmatyerre

Abie Loy Kemarre is one of the most promising of the ‘new generation’ of Aboriginal artists, having received critical acclaim for her unique style. Taught to paint by her famous Aboriginal grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre, Abie Loy is an accomplished artist in her own right, interpreting stories from her Grandfather‘s country, Artenya, in dynamic and innovative ways.

She paints in varied styles, from very ordered geometric pieces, to flowing and somewhat organic styles. Abie’s work is generally acrylic on canvas, and unlike many of her family and other peers from the Utopia region utilises colours synonymous with the natural ochres used by her ancestors in lieu of the more colourful works of her Utopian contemporaries.

Abie Loy Kemarre