The richness of Autumn is expressed through the myriad shades of Red, Orange, & Yellow that make themselves so known as the seasons turn and the leaves begin to fall. It is a vibrant, emotive time of year, and we celebrate Autumn with this online exhibit 'Autumn Shades' where every painting contains those wonderful colours we associate with the southern Autumn season.

All works within this online exhibit are 20% OFF with the code AUTUMN24 until June 6th.

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My Country


Eileen is the daughter of Charlie Tararu Tjungarrayi one of the founding members of Papunya Tula Artists, and Tatali Nangala, also a successful artist. Eileen and her family moved to Kintore Outstation when it was estabilshed in the early 1980's.

As a second generation artist Eileen learned to paint from her parents, it was not until the death of her mother in 1999 that Eileen began to paint her own stories. She has become an important figure in the contemporary Aboriginal art world, interpreting her main subject, her father's birth site, Tjitjurrulnga (also known as Titjurrulpa), a rockhole to the west of Kintore. Eileen's work is instantly recognisable, with bold, brilliant colours, great contrasts, and intricate compositions.

Dimensions: 180 x 120cm

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Naata began painting for Papunya Tula artists in 1996.Naata‘s depictions include the Marrapinti rock hole site, using a minimal palette of orange and red hues, with white and black to create breath taking depictions of her Dreamings.

The combination of subtle variation and precise technique creates an organic quality that makes her dreamings come to life.Naata often painted with her sister Nancy Ross until her death in 2010 – in 1999 Naata, Nancy and six fellow Walungurru women worked together to create a major collaborative painting for the Art Gallery of NSW.

In 2003 Naata‘s painting was used as a motif on an Australian stamp.Her work is represented in major Australian collections such as Artbank and the National Gallery of Victoria, and is highly regarded internationally.

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JUNE 20 - JUNE 30

We're thrilled to be putting on a physical exhibit at the Malvern Artist's Society at the end of June showcasing wonderful artworks, primarily from the Utopian region of the Northern Territory.

We will post more information about this fantastic show closer to the date, but keep your calendars clear so you can see this lovely selection of artworks in person. While they look great online they're far more impressive in person.



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