Collection: Exhibition - Minnie Pwerle

Date of Birth : c.1920 - 2006
Country : Utopia, NT
Language : Anmatyerre / Alyawarreye
The late Minnie Pwerle is a highly respected and acclaimed Utopia artist.

She is the mother of Barbara Weir and Betty Club Mbitjana. Like fellow Utopian artist, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Minnie began painting very late in life in 1999. In just seven years she had produced a remarkable body of work, characteristic for its free flowing brush strokes, bold use of colour and negative space.

Through these elements Minnie was able to brilliantly articulate her Dreamings (Body paint designs and Bush Plum) with a vitality and vibrancy.

Minnie Pwerle’s work is a brilliant example of Aboriginal art and it‘s survival in contemporary society. Her work is exhibited and collected throughout the world.

Exhibition - Minnie Pwerle