Collection: Featured Exhibit - Paddy Fordham : The Spirit Man

We are delighted to showcase the beautiful works of Wainburranga - also known as Paddy Fordham in our new online exhibit.

Wainburranga's work dealt with the many different spirits of his ancestral stories, most commonly the Mimi Spirits which represent the good, protective spirits of his ancestors and the animals of his country which often dance alongside the Mimi in his paintings.

Wainburranga's work is unique and immediately identifiable, often having large areas of flat colour contrasting against the humanoid and animal figures he most often depicted in his work.

Wainburranga's work can be found not only on canvas, but also on barks, artefacts, spirit poles, hollow logs and more. He was a versatile artist and his work is included in many of Australia's National Galleries, including taking part in an installation of 200 hollow coffin logs permanently displayed at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

Featured Exhibit - Paddy Fordham : The Spirit Man